Energy Use and GHG Emissions

Medtronic used approximately 481,000 megawatt-hours of energy (electricity, natural gas and fuel oil) in fiscal year 2010. This resulted in corresponding greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of approximately 225,000 metric tones carbon dioxide (CO2e). Normalized to revenue, our rates of energy consumption and CO2 emissions were approximately 12 percent less than in fiscal year 2009.

By using energy conservation technologies to reduce energy use and associated GHG emissions, including energy efficient lighting and ventilation systems and automated building controls, Medtronic has continually reduced its energy use.  Significant savings at our U.S. facilities in Tempe, Arizona; Northridge and Santa Rosa, California; and Minneapolis, Minnesota (see story below) contributed to the aggregate decrease. Our businesses continue to evaluate project plans to further reduce energy use and GHG emissions at their locations.

Medtronic Twin Cities Facilities Receive EPA Energy Star Award

Medtronic’s Shoreview and Mounds View, Minnesota, USA campuses received the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Energy Star Award, which recognizes buildings that exhibit strong energy efficiency. These locations, which rank in the top 25 percent of all commercial buildings in the United States, have instituted a combination of energy saving facility upgrades and operational improvements that save of nearly $750,000 annually and decrease carbon dioxide equivalent emissions by 5,260 metric tonnes per year.