Waste Management

Medtronic generated approximately 12,200 metric tonnes of non-regulated solid waste in fiscal year 2010, which accounted for approximately 90 percent of the company’s total waste generation. This represents a 10 percent decrease normalized to revenue compared to fiscal year 2009. We attributed this decrease to company-wide education efforts with significant results achieved at our locations in Tijuana, Mexico; Santa Rosa, California, USA; and Memphis, Tennessee, USA.


Medtronic also generated approximately 1,400 metric tonnes of regulated waste in fiscal year 2010. This includes waste that is generated primarily by manufacturing facilities, such as scrap metal and solvents. This represents a 13 percent decrease normalized to revenue compared to fiscal year 2009. This was largely due to improvements in manufacturing processes as well as more efficient use of materials.

Medtronic Tolochenaz Waste Management is a Team Initiative

Elevated by a multi-functional team at Medtronic’s Tolochenaz, Switzerland facility, employee awareness and participation resulted in a 5 percent reduction in non-regulated waste and an 11 percent reduction in regulated waste. In addition, the site recycled 62 percent of the remaining waste, which decreased overall disposal costs for the facility by 77 percent, savings of $70,000. Not only are employees actively participating in this effort, the team has also reached out to visitors by preparing a booklet on the site’s Go Green for Life initiatives.