Corporate Philanthropy

The Medtronic Foundation aligns corporate philanthropy with the company’s Mission by focusing our giving in three areas that are core to our business: Health, Education, and Community. This allows us to make unique and positive contributions where we can have the greatest impact.

Through a combination of Medtronic Foundation giving and donations of cash and medical devices by Medtronic, Inc., our contributions exceeded $75 million in fiscal year 2010, 29 percent more than in fiscal year 2009. We increased cash giving, primarily in Western Europe, and product donations, with notable growth in both our Cardiac Rhythm Disease Management and CardioVascular businesses.

In fiscal year 2010 Medtronic donated 1.89 percent of the previous year’s worldwide profit before tax – $75.6 million – to communities through global corporate philanthropy.

As our total giving has increased, so has the percentage that the Medtronic Foundation invests in communities outside of the United States. We increased the percentage given internationally from 19.2 percent in fiscal year 2009 to 22 percent in fiscal year 2010.

Medtronic Total Philanthropy (dollars in millions)

Medtronic Philanthropy by the Numbers

Medtronic Foundation Mission

Improving the health of people and communities through focus, innovation, and leadership.

The Foundation is Guided by Six Values

Integrity. We are thoughtful and consistent in our approach, conducting our work in a spirit of respect and openness.
Empowerment. We believe ordinary people are capable of extraordinary things and that empowered people feel a responsibility to themselves and their communities.
Constancy. We are persistent in our efforts, recognizing that true impact requires long-term commitment.
Inclusiveness. We seek the full participation of all people in our programs and staff.
Partnership. We are respectful and communicate openly, believing we have much to learn and much to offer.
Quality. We work to achieve and sustain excellence in all that we do.