Message from Our Chairman and CEO

The Medtronic Mission to alleviate pain, restore health and extend life is strengthened by a corresponding pledge to maintain good citizenship as a company. I believe citizenship plays an important role in achieving our goal to reach 25 million patients annually by 2020.

The need for what we do has never been greater. However, to successfully increase access to medical technology among large underserved populations around the world, we must address stakeholder expectations and external factors that impact our long-term sustainability.

Omar Ishrak Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Medtronic, Inc.
Omar Ishrak
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Medtronic, Inc.

Medtronic uses five citizenship pillars to identify opportunities and risks that are material to our business; examples include the global growth of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), healthcare reform, increased regulatory scrutiny, supply chain management, globalization of employee relations, and environmental requirements and expectations in the many countries where we operate.

In fiscal year 2011, the company established a cross-functional corporate citizenship management structure to drive performance across the enterprise by integrating citizenship priorities and goals into our long-term planning.

While Medtronic has issued biennial corporate citizenship reports since 2008, our desire to keep stakeholders apprised of our performance prompted us to share key fiscal year metrics and initiatives in this 2011 Corporate Citizenship Update. In addition, I’d like to highlight the following 2011 accomplishments:

  • Launch of the HeartRescue Project, by the Medtronic Foundation, and the Medtronic Global NCD Initiative, a collective effort of the Medtronic Foundation and Medtronic, Inc. These signature programs seek to expand access to life-saving treatments and therapies through collaborative, systemic approaches.
  • Introduction of the Medtronic Clinical Research Institute, which leverages our size, scale and strengths to generate product performance and clinical outcomes that advance global adoption of our therapies and allow us to treat more patients.
  • Membership in the Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition and adoption of its code of conduct, which improves working conditions and environmental practices in global electronics supply chains.
  • Implementation of EHS Vision 2015, which drives consistent management of environmental impacts across our global facilities, products and supply chain.

At Medtronic, our foremost responsibility is to the millions of patients we serve. But as a global company, we recognize our accountability to customers, employees, shareholders and society as a whole. Through the alignment of corporate citizenship and business strategy, we leverage all of our corporate assets – product, people and philanthropy – to strengthen our long-term sustainability and maximize our social contributions.

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Omar Ishrak
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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