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Surgical Technologies develops products and procedural solutions for surgical applications that include: neuro/spine, cranial and orthopedics; ear, nose and throat; and surgical oncology. We design, develop, manufacture and support healthcare providers with advanced surgical navigation and imaging solutions, powered surgical tools and systems, intraoperative nerve monitoring devices, advanced energy-based devices for hemostatic sealing and tissue dissection, and implantable devices for hydrocephalus management.

Key Product Categories: Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT)

Powered ENT Surgery Systems

Powered Surgery System

With more than 90 application-specific blades and burs, our powered surgery systems help facilitate better precision, surgical access, and patient outcomes in a broad variety of ENT procedures.

Intraoperative Nerve Monitoring Systems

Intraoperative Nerve Monitoring Device

These systems help surgeons reduce the risk of nerve damage during various ENT and general surgery procedures, such as removing tumors from the ear or thyroid. Our devices enable surgeons to identify, confirm, and monitor motor nerve function, providing visual and audible feedback.

Image-Guided Surgery System

Electromagnetic ENT Navigation System

Our electromagnetic ENT navigation system enables surgeons to track the relative location of their instruments in the patient's sinuses or skull base. It provides the maximum amount of information about each patient's unique anatomy for safer, more thorough procedures.

Powered Sinus Irrigation Systems

Device for treatment of chronic sinusitis

This unique device is a chronic sinusitis treatment that uses a powered, rotating saline spray to irrigate the sinuses. It helps dislodge and remove the stubborn bacteria associated with repeated sinus infections.

Treatments for Sleep-Disordered Breathing

Implants that reduce snoring and sleep apnea

Our products help treat many causes of sleep-disordered breathing, such as the soft palate, nasal passages, tonsils, adenoids, and tongue. For example, tiny implants help stiffen the soft palate to reduce tissue vibration that can contribute to snoring and sleep apnea.

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Key Product Categories: Neurosurgery

Surgical Navigation and Imaging Systems

Surgical Navigation and Imaging Systems

During cranial, neurological, spinal, and orthopaedic procedures, our surgical navigation and imaging solutions enable surgeons to visualize the patient's anatomy, track the location of their surgical instruments in relation to the anatomy, navigate therapy placement, and confirm tumor resection. This helps surgeons navigate more precisely, perform less invasive procedures, and potentially improve clinical outcomes.

Hydrocephalus Valves and Shunts

Shunt and Pressure Valve

To treat hydrocephalus, shunts drain excess cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) from the brain to another part of the body. With our adjustable pressure valves, pressure/flow settings can be changed non-invasively after shunt implantation so patients can avoid shunt revision surgery. We also offer antibiotic-impregnated catheters for our shunts to help reduce bacterial colonization that can cause infection and shunt failure.

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Powered High-Speed Drill Systems

high-speed pneumatic electric drill

With proprietary technology, our high-speed pneumatic and electric drill systems deliver optimum power, performance, and versatility for cranial, neurological, spinal, and orthopaedic surgeries. We offer a comprehensive line of interchangeable tools and attachments that work with these drills.

Key Product Categories: Advanced Energy

Monopolar and Bipolar Sealers

Transcollation Device

These innovative devices deliver Transcollation® technology, a combination of radiofrequency (RF) energy and saline, to provide hemostatic sealing of soft tissue and bone during orthopaedic, spine, surgical oncology and thoracic procedures.

Bipolar Sealers with Cutting

Advanced Energy Sealer

Our second generation of advanced energy sealers combine monopolar cutting capabilities with the benefits of Transcollation technology.

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Tissue Dissection Devices

Tissue dissection device

Our tissue dissection devices offer the precision of a scalpel and the bleeding control of traditional electrosurgery without extensive collateral thermal damage. They are used in plastic/reconstructive, electrophysiology, orthopaedic, ENT and general surgery procedures.

Last updated: 29 Mar 2013

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