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Living With the Therapy

Life After Balloon Kyphoplasty 

One of the advantages of having a minimally invasive procedure is the potential for a shorter recovery time. After balloon kyphoplasty, you may be surprised by how quickly you’re able to resume some of your favorite activities.

After the Procedure

While in the hospital, you may be encouraged to walk and move about. People usually report immediate relief from back pain and are able to walk and move about during their hospital stay.

Your doctor will probably schedule a follow-up visit and explain limitations, if any, on your activity. Most people are gradually able to resume activity once discharged from the hospital.

Daily Living

Talk to your doctor about how you can maintain a healthy lifestyle after your procedure. Exercising and eating a healthy diet are always important, but as a matter of routine following a medical procedure, your doctor may give you instructions specific to your overall health and level of fitness.

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