3D Product Tour


Tapered Cuff

  • TaperGuardTM cuff helps control ventilator leakage and improve fluid seal2


  • Low-profile/low-friction designed to minimize insertion force1

15 mm Connector

  • Integrated connector for ventilation with or without an inner cannula.

Color Coding

  • Color-coded for quick inner cannula identification (for disposable inner cannula products only)

Clear Flange

  • Clear flange for better visualization of the skin and stoma

Enhanced Flange

  • Soft recessed flange designed to help reduce contact with the stoma site

Softer Material

  • Softer material3 may lead to a more comfortable patient experience1

Product Sizes

  • Expanded size range to find the best and most comfortable fit


  • Beveled tip for use with percutaneous-capable loading dilators helps ease insertion

Manufactured with a citrate-based plasticizer

Disposable Inner Cannula

  • The cannula is designed for quick and safe disposal after a single use.

  1. Based on internal bench testing comparing the Shiley™ Flexible adult tracheostomy tube with TaperGuard™ cuff to the cuffed Shiley™ DCT tracheostomy tube.
  2. The Shiley™ Flexible tracheostomy tube with TaperGuard™ cuff improves air seal by 90% compared to the Shiley™ DCT tracheostomy tube cuffed at the same intra cuff pressure of 25 cm H2O during internal benchtop testing.
  3. Compared to the cuffed Shiley™ DCT tracheostomy tube.