Value to Society

Our Mission compels us to look and work beyond our walls and to play a leadership role in solving the serious healthcare challenges facing our society.

Noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) – including heart disease and diabetes – are quickly becoming the world's greatest health issue and require action now. As one of the world's leaders in providing products and services that treat many chronic conditions, we are using our technology, services, people, and insights to innovate, provide global access, and deliver clinical and economic value.

Global Access

We believe everyone should have access to quality, affordable healthcare, regardless of their economic circumstances or geographic location. Yet, we live in a world in which healthcare costs continue to increase sharply while more than 80 percent of the world's population lives on less than $10 a day. In an effort to advance our vision – where every person suffering with a chronic disease who could benefit from our diagnostic, therapeutic, and disease management solutions can get them – we pursue various avenues to increase global access to care, including product innovation, new global partnerships, new business models, healthcare capacity building, and programs for the underserved.

Patient Safety

True to our Mission, everything we do is consistent with delivering the best possible care for patients. By actively managing product quality and safety through product development, manufacturing, supplier quality assessments, clinical trials, post-market surveillance activities, and customer satisfaction surveys, we are providing safe, high-quality therapies and solutions to patients around the world.

Financial Strength

Our financial strength enables us to go further – to expand into new markets and new categories and to innovate. As a financially healthy company, we can make investments that support our three growth strategies— therapy innovation, globalization and economic value. We can develop and deliver new therapies and globalize our operations to reach more people around the world. We can also foster collaboration between our people and partners to create greater economic and clinical value, which we recognize now – more than ever – is necessary to address the rapidly increasing costs and redundancies in the healthcare system.

Community Investments

Community investments are one of the many ways we work to expand access to quality therapies and enable more seamless, integrated care. Our approach to community investment is supported by Medtronic Philanthropy, which encompasses the Medtronic Foundation, an independent, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization focused on expanding healthcare access in underserved communities, and the Medtronic Fund, a global social investment mechanism. Each business unit also invests in communities each year through product donations, sponsorships, and cash contributions.

Last updated: 10 Mar 2015

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