Principal Duties of Chair of Corporate Governance Committee

  1. Chair all meetings of the Corporate Governance Committee of the Board.
  2. In collaboration with the Chairman and CEO, and considering any input from other directors:
    • Recommend committee chairs and members of Board committees to the Corporate Governance Committee.
    • Establish the agenda for Corporate Governance Committee meetings.
  3. Be available to act as the Board link and advisor to the Chairman and CEO and others designated as members of the office of the CEO.
  4. Act as the focal point on the Board for:
    • All issues of corporate governance for which the Corporate Governance Committee is responsible.
    • Facilitation of communication between the Board and the CEO.
    • Suggestions from outside directors, especially on sensitive issues that they feel need to be resolved.
    • Review of Board agenda and seeing that any subjects that Board members want on the agenda are included.
  5. Appoint the Nominating Subcommittee of the Corporate Governance Committee and chair its meetings.
  6. Provide counsel to the other directors in the performance of their duties.
Last updated: 22 Sep 2010

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