Clip Strength and Security in Surgical Procedures

With the Lapro-Clip™ system — a reusable single clip applier that delivers absorbable clips in surgical procedures — surgeons can feel confident in the strength and security of each placement.


  • Two-part compression closure mechanism includes anti-slip notch which may assist in the reduction of clip migration


  • Compression closure mechanism may provide a more secure closure than latch closure mechanism([FOOTNOTE=Darzi, A. Initial Experience with an Absorbable Laparoscopic Ligation Clip. British Journal of Surgery.1997. 84: 974-976.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=])
  • No foreign bodies left behind post-procedure


The Lapro-Clip™ device is a reusable clip applier that delivers absorbable clips in surgical procedures to occlude vessels and ducts.

This product features:

Intuitive & Easy to Use Design

  • With 360o rotation, all angles are reachable

Dual-Layer Clip Lock

  • In an animal study, clip retention force provide greater holding strength compared to titanium clips([FOOTNOTE=Klein, R.D. et al. (1994). “Comparison of Titanium and Absorbable Polymeric Surgical Clips for Use in Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy.” Surgical Endoscopy. 8: 753-758.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=])

Unique Two-Part Compression

  • Closure mechanism includes anti-slip notch allowing for a secure clamp1

Absorbable Clips

  • Absorbable ligating clips are there when you need them most during the critical vessel healing phase, and fully degrade via hydrolysis in 180 days
  • Leaves no foreign body in the patient once vessel is healed

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