Transforming Surgical Stapling Single-Handedly

Tissue varies but your staple lines shouldn’t. That's why the Signia™ stapling system delivers consistent staple lines([FOOTNOTE=Based on internal test report #R2146-151-0, Powered stapling firing speed DOE analysis and ASA parameters. 2015.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=]),([FOOTNOTE=Based on internal test report #R2146-173-0, ASA verification testing with slow speed force limit evaluation. 2015.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=]) — across variable tissue — and the benefits they bring to patients.

The world’s first smart stapler, the Signia™ system combines the proven performance of Tri-Staple™ technology with the power of real-time feedback. Our reposable handle also gives you the precision of fully powered rotation, articulation, and firing([FOOTNOTE=Drew S, Tarek T, Donald P. UCONN biodynamics final report on results focusing on biomechanical exposures related to laparoscopic stapler use. Report #RE00022065. 2012.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=]) with one hand.([FOOTNOTE=Based on internal test report #RE00024826, Signia™ stapling system summative usability report, Rev A. January 2016.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=])

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Powered Articulation, Rotation, and Firing with One Hand

The world’s first smart stapler is here. And it’s transforming surgical stapling — single-handedly.

Because the Signia™ stapler:

  • Delivers consistent staple lines1,2
  • Provides precision and maneuverability with fully powered articulation, rotation, and clamping3
  • Displays real-time feedback on an easy-to-understand LED screen4
  • Frees your other hand to focus on the surgical site4
  • Feels well-balanced in your hand during use([FOOTNOTE=Based on internal test report #RE00027558, Signia™ powered stapler center of Mass. 2015.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=])

The Signia™ stapler is compatible with our existing reload portfolio featuring the proven performance of Tri-Staple™ technology, which:

  • Generates less stress on tissue([FOOTNOTE=Based on internal test report #PCG-007 rev 1, When compared to Echelon Flex™* green reloads as part of an analysis comparing different stapler designs and their performance and impact on tissues under compression using two-dimensional finite element analysis. Sept. 2, 2011.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=])
  • Allows greater perfusion into the staple line([FOOTNOTE=Based on internal test report #2128-002-2, Final analysis of staple line vascularity using MicroCT. April 27, 2015.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=])
  • Delivers outstanding performance in variable tissue

It’s when paired with Tri-Staple™ 2.0 reloads and Signia™ loading units with Tri-Staple™ 2.0 cartridges that you’ll get the enhanced performance of our smart stapling system. See our technology section to learn more.

Order Information

Order Code Description Unit of Measure Quantity
SIGPHANDLE Signia™ Power Handle Each 1
SIGPSHELL Signia™ Power Control Shell Each 1
SIGADAPTSTND Signia™ Linear Adapter Each 1
SIGADAPTXL Signia™ Linear Adapter XL Each 1
SIGADAPTSHORT Signia™ Linear Adapter Short Each 1
SIGSBCHGR Signia™ Single-Bay Charger Each 1
SIGRIG Signia™ Reusable Insertion Guide Each 1
SIGMRET Signia™ Manual Retraction Tool Each 1