Patient Resources

Patients can find information about the serious medical implications of obesity such as weight-loss options, bariatric surgical procedures, and requirements to become a candidate for bariatric surgery.

Patient Outreach Programs

Medtronic also runs direct-to-patient outreach programs, which include a variety of media, including television, radio and digital devices. We run these programs in target regions of the United States to drive patient activation and awareness of bariatric surgery.

Surgeon Directory

Medtronic created and maintains a bariatric surgeon directory that can be used by obese patients considering surgery; primary care physicians and nurses seeking to refer patients; and surgeons.

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Referral Network Outreach

We have developed and implemented several outreach programs. These programs include:

  • In-person and virtual obesity management educational programs
  • An online guide for primary care physicians that includes information on identifying and referring candidates for bariatric surgery
  • Information on insurance coverage and personal financing options for bariatric surgery

Clinical Education

With over 40 years of experience in advanced medical training, we support a wide variety of clinical education programs for metabolic and bariatric healthcare professionals.

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