Clinician-inspired airway management solutions

The need for less invasive airway management options aimed at short term use is continuing to grow.

The Shiley™ laryngeal mask is designed to form a low-pressure seal around the laryngeal inlet and provide a secure airway suitable for spontaneous, assisted or controlled ventilation during routine and emergency anesthetic procedures.

The clinician-inspired Shiley™ laryngeal mask is a solution from one of the most trusted names in the industry. Our products are quality tested and certified to meet ISO and other regulatory standards. Buy from someone you know and trust.

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  • Latex-free
  • Non-DEHP materials
  • Single-use, disposable
  • Pediatric through adult sizes
  • 100% of products are quality tested
  • Durable PVC design


We are committed to providing great value with a cost-effective laryngeal mask solution.

Quality and reliability

The Shiley™ laryngeal mask is made with the same trusted quality and reliability for which the Shiley™ brand is known. Our airways portfolio offers a full line of proven endotracheal tubes, the tracheostomy tubes, and now the Shiley™ laryngeal mask. We are your trusted partner offering a complete line of airway management solutions.

Non-DEHP materials

The Shiley™ laryngeal mask provides peace of mind for clinicians concerned about DEHP in medical devices used on neonatal and pediatric patients.

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