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The Versaport™ bladeless optical trocar offers outstanding visualization, allowing a surgeon to monitor the initial entry process through the abdomen via the laparoscope.

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Durable seal system allows for easier instrument exchange([FOOTNOTE=Applies to 12 mm trocars, when compared to the Versaport™ Bladeless 12 mm trocar. Covidien Engineering Report #2143-123 dated March 2013.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=])

Proprietary ribbed cannula provides better fixation([FOOTNOTE=Applies to 12 mm trocars, when compared to Kii™* (12 mm, Z-thread cannula). Covidien Engineering Report #2143-114 dated March 2013.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=]) and enhanced port security from start to finish when compared to the Applied Kii™* 12 mm trocar

Unique “dolphin nose” tip* facilitates smoother insertion for easier trocar placement2

New Soft Pouch Packaging

  • Soft pouch packaging saves you storage space.
  • New packaging reduces packaging weight by 50%1
  • New graphics to identify the tip of the obturator
  • Size clearly labeled

*Patented V2 geometry design since 2004.

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