Optimize and Streamline Your Reimbursement

Your dedicated Regional Reimbursement Manager is available to assist you and your staff with:

  • General reimbursement and coverage questions
  • Reimbursement and coding tools
  • Education and training

Contact your Regional Reimbursement Manager at 888-389-5200, option 1 or rs.medtronicgireimbursement@medtronic.com.

Medtronic offers benefit verification and claims support through a no cost program administered by The Pinnacle Health Group.  Providers can enroll to receive assistance with patient-specific support related to:

  • Verification of coverage and benefits
  • Prior authorization
  • Denial or appeal assistance

A Business Associate Agreement is required to participate in this program. Contact your Reimbursement Manager or Pinnacle directly to request a copy of the enrollment document. Verification of benefits will be completed within 5 days of submitted request.

Contact the Pinnacle Health Group assistance program:  888-389-5200, option 2 or medtronic@thepinnaclehealthgroup.com.

Reimbursement Forms:

Provider Enrollment Form

Partner & Provider Support Request Form


Easy-to-Access Reimbursement Information

For detailed coding recommendations, please review the product specific billing and coding guide.  Each guide provides current coding and allowable information as well as site of service specific restriction information.  For information abpoput ICD-10 diagnostic coding please contact your Medtronic Reimbursement Manager 888-389-5200, option 1.

Reimbursement Guides

Barrx™ Anorectal RFA Wand Billing and Coding Guidelines

Barrx™ Radiofrequency Ablation System Billing and Coding Guidelines

Bravo™ Reflux Testing System Billing and Coding Guidelines

Digitrapper™ pH-Z Testing System billing and Coding Guidelines

HET™ Bipolar System Billing and Coding Guidelines

ManoScan™ ESO and ManoScan™ AR High Resolution Manometry Billing and Coding Guidelines

PillCam™ Small Bowel Capsule Endoscopy Billing and Coding Guidelines

SmartPill™ Motility Testing System Billing and Coding Guidelines

EndoFlip™ Impedance Planimetry System Billing and Coding Guidelines

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