7 Things Clinicians Can Do in an Era of Healthcare Reform


Tue Mar 29 13:00:27 CDT 2016

Listen to a recorded webinar discussing seven things that clinicians can do in an era of healthcare payment reform.


1. Standardization – Develop or implement best practices and implement standard clinical processes of care.

2. Infection control – Develop and implement hygiene protocols. Use checklists that have shown to reduce complications and infections.

3. Improve patient experience – Focus on better pain management and improving communications with the patient.

4. Post discharge care – Leverage low cost tools like e-follow up or telephonic follow up.

5. 80/20 principle – Focus on the 20% of patients who consume 80% of resources. 

6. Coordinate care with primary care physicians – Care coordination would form the basis of timely care and prevent expensive care later.

7. Innovative technologies – Focus on innovation that does not increase costs with relatively lower incremental outcome improvement.



Watch the recorded webinar  >>>