Industry Leaders from Health Care Supply Chain Discuss Innovations and Challenges


Tue Mar 29 13:00:25 CDT 2016

During this year’s World Congress 9th Annual Leadership Summit on Health Care Supply Chain, we talked to supply chain leaders about key topics and strategies that are top of mind for them.  As leaders in their field, we discussed strategies to integrate supply chain to improve value, how to utilize big data and automation to improve efficiency and outcomes, reducing costs and improving quality by leveraging relationship management and applying alternate purchasing and distribution strategies. 


The video series below features key insights from Brent Johnson, Vice President, Supply Chain, Intermountain Healthcare; Jim Connor, Vice President, Supply Chain Operations, Westchester Medical Center; Lora Johnson, MBA, BSN, RN, CMRP, Director, Value Analysis, Grady Health System; and David McCombs, Vice President, Enterprise Resource Planning and Supply Chain Operations, Bon Secours Health System.


Hear what your peers have to say about physician collaboration, value analysis, rep-less model, shared risk, supply chain utilization of data and strategic partnerships.

  1. How do you approach Supplier Relationship Management?

  2. What is the role of your solutions providers?

  3. How can supply chain help nurses?

  4. What role do your suppliers play?

  5. How does supply chain use data?

  6. How does value analysis help surgeons standardize?

  7. Tell us about a successful standardization initiative?

  8. As a nurse, do you see value in standardization and simplification?

  9. How do you foster physician collaboration?

  10. How can you better collaborate with your suppliers?

  11. What is the role of value analysis in today's environment?