Is Better Weight-Loss Intervention the Key to Managing Population Health?


Tue Mar 29 13:00:26 CDT 2016

Chronic illnesses and diseases pose some of the greatest challenges for managing population health. Obesity, for example, affects more than one-third of American adults. Yet its causes are largely due to lifestyle factors that cannot be adequately addressed in just a couple of doctor’s visits.


To improve outcomes for chronic diseases, providers are making investments in care design that provide patients a comprehensive framework for change, rather than just diagnosis and treatment options.


“When seeing an obese or overweight patient, primary care physicians don’t necessarily have the time or the expertise to deliver the best intervention for that particular patient,” said Eric Jakel, Director of Provider Solutions at Covidien. “But with access to a comprehensive weight loss program, any patient could be referred to a multi-disciplinary center where many different interventions are available – whether it’s medical, pharmaceutical, lifestyle or surgical – then the optimal treatment decision is made between the patient and the team of specialists.”


Sentara Medical Group, a division of Virginia-based Sentara Healthcare with more than 100 facilities, partnered with Covidien to transform their bariatric surgical program into a first-of-its-kind comprehensive bariatric and weight loss center within the community. Sentara hired a medical bariatrician, dieticians, a psychologist, and an exercise physiologist; to offer patients the widest variety of options for weight loss and to achieve multi-disciplinary treatment decision support. Download the case study here.


“Despite the highly competitive market in the area, Sentara Comprehensive Weight Loss Solutions remains a leader because of its combination of expertise and access to a range of metabolic medicine related healthcare options in one convenient facility,” said Dr. Stephen Wohlgemuth, MD, FACS, FASMBS, Medical Director for the Bariatric Center of Excellence at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital.


Comprehensive, multi-disciplinary weight management centers offer a highly-effective option to address costly comorbidities - which are typically chronic and weight-related.


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