Is Your Value Analysis Committee a Leader in Change?


Tue Mar 29 13:00:29 CDT 2016

Download this free white paper and get key insights and leading practices shared by other organizations who have evolved their VAC into an integrated entity that optimizes organizational investments in material and equipment while improving the overall care of their patients.

Part of a series of three publications which resulted from data and interviews conducted by Blueprint, a healthcare research and practice solutions organization, "Is Your Value Analysis Committee a Leader in Change?" provides key insights into the effective formation and processes related to the operation of Value Analysis Committees. You may wish to review the other two publications: "Surgeons and the Value Analysis Committee: Agents of Change" and "The Science Behind VAC Product Adoption".

We hope that the best practices noted in this document provide a catalyst for change, as well as inspire you to achieve and take your organization to the next level.

Are you currently evaluating your VAC? What improvements do you think would be most impactful in meeting your objectives?