Large Scale Transitions: Perspectives from Hospital Administrators


Tue Mar 29 13:00:25 CDT 2016

With a more prominent seat in the C-Suite, the Supply Chain is the linchpin in strategic projects across their organization. They work more closely than ever with clinicians to help ensure continuous improvements, share ideas, compare products/outcomes and together make informed decisions. One of the most significant ways they have helped their organization become sustainable is by focusing on the standardization of care from a patient perspective.


The Supply Chain holds valuable data that can help usher in healthcare transformation and play a critical role in supporting and guiding change. Not only does the Supply Chain help uncover savings and find ways to deliver better care, but they also help to remove inefficiencies and wasteful processes. Successful Supply Chain leaders collaborate cross functionally and with their trading partners, facilitating education and communication efforts.


Hear from several prominent Supply Chain leaders on how they successfully lead their organization through large scale transition.