Videocast Snippets: Leverage Your Supply Chain to Improve Your Bottom Line


Tue Mar 29 13:00:29 CDT 2016

Watch these brief snippets from our one-hour videocast produced in partnership with Modern Healthcare in which three leading healthcare executives share their tips and strategies for reducing costs and improving outcomes at their healthcare systems:


  1. How can you incentivize physicians?
  2. 7 tips to improve operational efficiencies
  3. How can you reduce total cost of care?
  4. How to evolve strategic supplier relationships
  5. Align strategies with internal stakeholders
  6. Why you should adopt a holistic view
  7. Using data analytics to drive improvement and performance
  8. Building a case with the C-suite to support investment in informatical resources
  9. Using big data to drive big outcomes at your organization
  10. How important is transparency in healthcare?
  11. The importance of talent management in the healthcare supply chain
  12. What talent do you need in today's healthcare supply chain?
  13. Key changes for adapting to the changing healthcare environment
  14. What initiatives can anyone employ to positively impact outcomes regardless of size and budget?
  15. How can a hospital provide opportunity to diversity suppliers while streamlining the supply chain?
  16. How can hospitals engage employees to improve patient flow by removing waste from the process?
  17. Key strategies for prioritizing and making decisions that benefit the majority
  18. How should the facilities maintenance organization be integrated in supply chain improvement initiatives?
  19. The future of self-distribution vs. utilization of a distributor
  20. How quickly will the value of UDI be brought into the hospital system since there's no mandate?
  21. How do you ensure you're targeting the right segments and addressing the right patients?
  22. Characteristics of a well-managed delivery system




  • Nicholas P. Dominick, Jr., Senior Vice President, Diagnostic and Support Services, Lifespan – Providence, RI
  • Charlie Miceli, C.P.M., Vice President, Supply Chain & Information Services, Fletcher Allen Health Care;  Chief Information Officer, OneCare Vermont
  • Erik Wexler, CEO, Northeast Region, Tenet Healthcare Corporation




  • Fawn Lopez, Vice President  & Publisher, Modern Healthcare


Original Air Date: October 11, 2013