Leveraging Objective Analysis to Reduce Variation and Improve Outcomes


Tue Mar 29 13:00:24 CDT 2016

Historically, hospitals have found it challenging to incorporate several different pieces of data to form one longitudinal view of care. From clinical data to coding and billing, to materials and then cost, the data is rarely available in an actionable fashion per episode of care. 


But once you can compile the various data sets in one place, you can start creating a more standard approach to delivering healthcare, which can drive better clinical, operational and financial outcomes for providers and patients alike. 


At Medtronic, through our Medtronic Health Systems Advantage team, we are helping providers compile their data into meaningful analysis per episode of care. Take hysterectomies as an example. In one institution alone, we found over $5,000 in cost variability among those physicians performing laparoscopic hysterectomy. We discovered there was significant variability in products utilized, ranging from the type of draping material used to the number of surgical devices, as well as procedure time and length of stay. 


With the compiled data in hand, all members of the clinical team met together and were able to identify the variability across the entire episode. We worked together to get all care providers on the same page and increase standardization moving forward. 


Supplier partnerships can deliver professionals who not only understand the disease states, but who are also very experienced in business best practices such as lean and six sigma, as well as clinical and hospital administration. Through our partnerships, providers are relieved of the burden to complete these data analyses for themselves, and can instead focus on managing and implementing successful change. When time is precious, such partnerships can make a true difference, in care, cost and quality.


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