Lower Costs of Care and Improve Outcomes with Minimally Invasive Surgery


Tue Mar 29 13:00:26 CDT 2016

Despite its numerous advantages, minimally invasive surgery (MIS) is widely under-utilized in the United States, as we shared in a recent post. “MIS is increasingly recognized as a better option for patients due to the lower cost, quicker recovery and fewer risks for complications compared to traditional surgery,” said James Boye-Doe, Director of Provider Solutions at Medtronic Health Systems Advantage. Boye-Doe works with healthcare providers nationwide to help expand their adoption of minimally invasive procedures.


For providers, adopting minimally invasive procedures will be imperative in fulfilling their objectives to lower costs and improve patient experience within their surgical service lines. Yet, many providers are slow to adopt them because of the high level of expertise involved. Surgeons and their teams must take the time to learn and practice these procedures – and supply chains, too, must adapt.


“Implementing these procedures may be difficult at first, but they will pay off in the long run,” says Boye-Doe. “It helps in reducing cost of care, and improving the patient experience of care.”


The patient, provider, and employer can benefit from MIS, as illustrated below:




Although the operative cost to perform minimally invasive surgery is typically higher than conventional surgery, the entire cost – from when that patient walks in the door until 90 days after their discharge – is typically less,” said Boye-Doe, adding that a main driver of the high cost of surgeries are the complications and extended stays at the hospital following the procedures, many of which can be avoided with a MIS approach.


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