Surgeons and the Value Analysis Committee: Agents of Change


Tue Mar 29 13:00:29 CDT 2016

If you are struggling with your VAC success or interested in learning how other Value Analysis Committees interact and collaborate with surgeons, then you should find this white paper helpful.

Download this document to learn more about the surgeon, how they view and interact with their respective VAC,  and the perceptions and experiences they have that influence the success or failure of a hospital VAC.

This whitepaper publication resulted from interviews conducted by Blueprint, a healthcare research and practice solutions organization, and provides insight into the dynamics of the surgeon’s influence and expanding role as a champion of patient care and VAC relations. 
You may also be interested in reading  “Is Your Value Analysis Committee a Leader in Change” and "The Science Behind VAC Product Adoption" (also published by Blueprint). In these documents, Blueprint focused on some of the best VAC practices being adopted in the healthcare community today.

Do you agree that the surgeon can be the “make-or-break” factor in achieving VAC success? How are you managing VAC at your organization? Share your comments below.