Guard against viral and bacterial contamination.

The Puritan Bennett™ disposable inspiratory bacterial filter is designed for use with Puritan Bennett™ ventilators. This compact filter guards against viral and bacterial contamination with > 99.999% efficiency.


  • Single-use design requires no sterilization or cleaning
  • Leak tested at 3 psi to assure reliability
  • Compact design
  • Three configurations available:
    • 22 mm ISO fittings
    • Bennett barb connectors
    • Combination of these two fittings

Indications for Usage

  • Single patient use inspiratory filter to reduce the threat of contamination for ventilator patients.

Ordering Information

Description Quantity Catalog Number
Puritan Bennett™ Inspiratory Bacterial Filter with ISO 22 mm Connectors, Single Use, Disposable (1/box) 4-074601-00
Puritan Bennett™ Inspiratory Bacterial Filter with ISO 22 mm Male Outlet / Bennett Barb Inlet (1/box) 4-074605-00



Specifications for Puritan Bennett™ Disposable Inspiratory Bacterial Filter

Viral/bacterial filtration efficiency Greater than 99.999%
Filter medium Minimum filter efficiency:
  99.97% particle retention; 0.3 μm and larger at 100 Lpm flow.
  Each filter is nonsterile and assembled in accordance with Class 100.000 clean room specifications.
  Meets CDC requirement for n100 filtration
Resistance to airflow Less than 2 cmH2O at 60 Lpm when new
Size 10.01 cm long x 7.32 cm wide x 5.97 cm deep (4.0 in. x 3.0 in. x 2.4 in.)
Internal volume Approximately 136mL
Leakage Less than 0.01 Lpm at 3 psi (211 cmH2O) internal pressure