Maximize viral and bacterial filtration in neonatal patients using the Puritan Bennett™ 980 ventilator.

The Puritan Bennett neonatal expiratory filtration system, disposable, reduces particles, virus and bacteria in the patient’s exhaled gas while using the Puritan Bennett 980 ventilator, protecting the ventilator’s exhalation and spirometry systems and other people in the room from airborne pathogens.



  • Comprehensive condensate drainage system includes one-piece filter and collector vial
  • Viral and bacterial filtration efficiency of greater than 99.99%
  • Resistance to flow less than 3.0 cmH2O at 30 L/min when new
  • <0.03% penetration at 30 L/min gas flow (ISO 23328-1 method)
  • Meets CDC requirement for N100 filtration equivalency

Ordering Information

Description Quantity Catalog Number
Puritan Bennett Neonatal Expiratory Filtration System 12/case 4-076900-00


Recommended tidal volume and flow range Refer to the Puritan Bennett™ 980 Series Ventilator Operator’s Manual
Inlet connector 22 mm male conical connector (ISO 5356-1)
Viral and bacterial filtration efficiency Greater than 99.99%
Penetration value Maximum of 0.03% penetration at 30 L/min flow (ISO 23328-1 method)
Gas leakage Less than 10 mL per minute at 100 hPa (100 cm H2O)
Pressure drop (when new) 3.0 hPa (3.0 cmH2O) at 30 L/min
Size (with condensate vial) 8.9 cm diameter x 17.8 cm long (3.5 in. diameter x 7 in. long)
Internal gas volume (with condensate vial) Approximately 110 mL
Condensate vial liquid capacity Approximately 15 mL usable volume (to maximum fill line)