A full array of etCO2 sampling lines that fit every patient and meet every clinical need.

The patented family of FilterLine® etCO2 sampling lines is designed for use with Microstream™-enabled capnography monitors and can be used on both intubated and non-intubated patients.

FilterLine® non-intubated sampling lines feature oral and nasal sampling as well as an innovative supplemental oxygen delivery system. One size fits adolescents through adults, and all FilterLine® non-intubated sampling lines can be used with bi-level ventilation and CPAP. For some types of non-intubated sampling lines, pediatric products are also available.

FilterLine® etCO2 Sampling Line Features

  • Integrated, single-piece airway gas sampling lines comprised of the patient cannula or airway adapter, water trap and a sterilizing grade filter that is designed to reduce the risk of biohazard contamination of the patient monitor.
  • Uni-junction™ technology is designed to ensure proper sampling for patients who alternate between oral and nasal breathing.
  • Oral Scoop design has wide surface area to provide breath capture even in the presence of shallow breathing.
  • Oxygen flows from holes in front of nasal prongs and improves humidity of O2.
  • Delivers O2 flow up to 5 L/min and can deliver above 5 L/min using external O2 delivery, e.g. through a mask, without affecting CO2 measurement values.
  • Broad portfolio of sampling lines available for various clinical situations.
  • One size fits adolescents through adults. For some types of sampling lines, dedicated pediatric products are also available.


  • Standard FilterLine® Length: 200 cm /6.5 ft.
  • Long FilterLine® Length: Long FilterLine Length: 400 cm/13 ft.
  • Designed for single patient use.
  • Do not contain natural rubber latex.
  • Packaged in 25 units unless otherwise specified.
  • Adult/Pediatric products are intended for use with ETT tube size > 4.5 mm.
  • The adapter dead space is < 6.6 cc and the weight is 7.0 g.
  • Infant/neonate products are intended for use with ETT tube size ≤ 4.5 mm.
  • The adapter dead space is < 0.5 cc and the weight is 3.8 g.
  • Use of a FilterLine® etCO2 sampling line with H in its name (indicating that it is for use in humidified environments) during MRI scanning may cause interference. The use of non-H sampling lines is advised.