Valleylab™ Suction Coagulators

Long Description:

Valleylab™ suction coagulators provide fluid suction for ENT procedures, and can be hand switch and foot switch activated when using Covidien generators.

Surgiwand™ II 5 mm Suction/Irrigators

Long Description:

The Surgiwand™ II without cautery suction/irrigation device consists of a 5 mm diameter shaft, and a 34 cm shaft length, with (9) orifices for pool suction and irrigation. This device also has a sealed portal to accommodate up to a 2.4 mm laser probe.

The Surgiwand™ II with unipolar cautery 5 mm suction/irrigation device is available with a non-removable Spatula tip or L-Hook tip, and can accommodate the gravity feed system, electronic pump system and the nitrogen pump system. It consists of a 5 mm diameter shaft with pool suction holes for enhanced suction and irrigation capabilities.