Two Fiducial Markers. One Efficient System.

Fiducial markers are essential for target localization and tracking during EUS biopsy procedures. The Beacon™ FNF needle is pre-loaded with two solid gold fiducial markers and enables easy target visualization with simple and accurate fiducial placement.

Each fiducial marker features a knurled (ridged) exterior design that helps reduce migration.([FOOTNOTE=RMD=1004 Rev 01 page 28 & TR-20015 rev 01 page 4,10.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=])  The markers generate a clear echogenic signature and can be clearly visualized across imaging modalities, including computed tomography, x-ray, and kilovoltage.

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Order Information
Order Code Product Description Ordering Quantity
DSF-19-01 Beacon™ EUS Delivery System with FNF Pre-loaded 19-Gauge Needle 1 each
DSF-22-01 Beacon™ EUS Delivery System with FNF Pre-loaded 22-Gauge Needle 1 each
F-19-05 Beacon™ EUS FNF Pre-loaded 19-Gauge Needle  Box of 5
F-22-05 Beacon™ EUS FNF Pre-loaded 22-Gauge Needle  Box of 5

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