Reinventing What's Humanly Possible

There are just so many hours in a day and last we checked, you can’t be in two places at once. But what if you could?

With Medtronic Health Informatics & Monitoring, you can still be at your patients’ side. At home, in the hospital, wherever they are. Even if you’re not physically at their side, because we are reinventing what’s humanly possible. Our Health Informatics & Monitoring solutions give clinicians the ability to remotely view vital information from multiple device categories, including ventilators, capnography monitors, depth of consciousness monitor, cerebral/somatic oximeters, and pulse oximeters.

The software wirelessly transmits patient information from the patient’s bedside to a hospital’s server. From there, clinicians can view the data within the hospital network on any web-enabled device: smartphones, tablets, desktops, workstation on wheels, and nurse stations.

Thanks to wireless sensors, clinicians are able to monitor patients’ vitals – even while away from the patient or hospital. The preventable can often be prevented. And the standard of healthcare raised to an even higher level.

And the possibilities go far beyond the hospital. Remote monitoring enables consistent tracking of patients’ vitals from their homes. As patients recover from acute-care situations, clinicians can remotely monitor blood pressure, respiration rate, glucose, and more. The technology can also help determine whether patients have fallen or remain immobile for an extended period of time.

Vital Sync™ virtual patient monitoring platform 2.5 offers clinicians continuous remote access to critical patient information, so they can detect clinical distress and respond faster to the evolving needs of patients.

The Vital Sync™ VPMP 2.5 enables prioritization of patient care through visual triage by sending trend data, waveforms, audible alerts, color coded alarms and settings changes from multiple bedside devices to the EMR and CIS, and to any web-enabled device on the hospital network, including laptops, tablets smartphones, Workstation on Wheels and central nurse station. Vital Sync VPMP also supports ADT connectivity and alarm forwarding systems.