To Help Verify Endotracheal Tube Placement

With the Nellcor™ adult/pediatric colorimetric CO2 detector clinicians can confirm proper endotracheal tube (ETT) placement by assessing exhaled CO2.

The detector attaches directly to the endotracheal tube and responds quickly to exhaled CO2 by changing from purple to yellow.

Nellcor™ Adult/Pediatric Colorimetric CO2 Detector Features


  • Latex-free
  • Reliable carbon dioxide detectors help verify endotracheal tube placement
  • Responds quickly to exhaled CO2 with a color change from purple to yellow
  • Breath-to-breath response
  • Constant visual feedback for up to two hours




Technical Specifications

  Nellcor™ Adult Colorimetric CO2 Detector (EASYCAP II) Nellcor™ Pediatric Colorimetric CO2 Detector (PEDICAP)
Recommended patient size Weight over 15 kg Weight 1 kg to 15 kg
Internal volume (dead space) 25 cc 3 cc
Resistance to flow 4.4 cm H20 ± 1.0 cm at 60 L/min flow 2.5 cm H20 ± 0.5 cm at 10 L/min flow
Connector Ports
Patient end 22 mm O.D./15 mm I.D. 18 mm O.D./15mm I.D.
Circuit end 15 mm O.D./13 mm I.D. 15 mm O.D./5 mm I.D.
Usage time Up to 2 hours Up to 2 hours


Ordering Information

Description Quantity Catalog Number
Nellcor™ Adult Colorimetric CO2 Detector 24/case EASYCAP II
6/case EASYCAP II 6
Nellcor™ Pediatric Colorimetric CO2 Detector 24/case PEDICAP
6/case PEDICAP 6

Note to patients:

All the devices shown are prescription products and must be obtained from a licensed provider or physician. Patients cannot purchase directly from Medtronic.