Improve Guideline Compliance and Minimize Waste

Less Waste

Any prepared tubes not used within 48 hours must be tossed, which is money down the drain — a waste of inventory and more medical waste.

Our solution: only open what you need, when you need it. With a prepared Shiley™ oral/ nasal endotracheal tube with TaperGuard™ cuff and stylet, clinicians have the tools they need in one sterile, easy-to-access pack — no preloading necessary.

In addition, the Shiley™ oral/nasal endotracheal tube with TaperGuard™ cuff features a low-pressure cuff that exerts 29% less pressure([FOOTNOTE=Lichtenthal PR, Wood L, Wong A, Borg U. Pressure applied to tracheal wall by barrel and taper shaped cuffs. Paper presented at: Annual Meeting of the American Society of Anesthesiologists; October 15-19, 2011; Chicago, IL. Abstract A1054.],[ANCHOR=View Abstract],[LINK=/content/covidien/websites/medtronic/com/en/covidien/support/clinical-evidence.html?id=805252]) on the trachea.*

Shiley™ Endotracheal Tube with TaperGuard™ Cuff Features

  • Patented taper-shaped cuff design
  • Prepackaged with stylet
  • Murphy eye
  • Catheters with a radiopaque line
  • Packaged sterile
  • Latex-free



Ordering information

Description I.D. O.D. Quanitity Catalog Number
Shiley™ Endotracheal Tube with TaperGuard™ Cuff, Murphy Eye with Preloaded Stylet 5.0 mm 6.9 mm 10/box 18750S
5.5 mm 7.5 mm 10/box 18755S
6.0 mm 8.2 mm 10/box 18760S
6.5 mm 8.9 mm 10/box 18765S
7.0 mm 9.5 mm 10/box 18770S
7.5 mm 10.2 mm 10/box 18775S
8.0 mm 10.8 mm 10/box 18780S
8.5 mm 11.4 mm 10/box 18785S
9.0 mm 12.1 mm 10/box 18790S
10.0 mm 13.5 mm 10/box 18710S