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The Nellcor™ Oximetry Advantage

The Nellcor™ N-­85 pulse oximetry monitor delivers exceptional pulse oximetry performance even during low perfusion and signal interference([FOOTNOTE=FDA 510(k).],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=]). Nellcor™ specialty sensors-including the forehead SpO2 sensor and nonadhesive SpO2 sensors-expand the clinician’s patient care options.

The Nellcor™ N-­85 hand­held pulse oximeter is convenient for spot-­checks and continuous monitoring in a variety of settings, including EMS/ED, transport, critical care, operating room and sleep lab, and for procedural sedation.

Nellcor™ N-85 Monitor with OxiMax™ Technology with Microstream™ Capnography Features

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Nellcor™ N-85 Monitor with OxiMax™ Technology and Microstream™ Capnography Features
Nellcor™ N-85 Monitor with OxiMax™ Technology and Microstream™ Capnography Features

A hand-held monitoring device for use with the family of Nellcor™ sensors

Provides graphical trends and a plethysmographic waveform

  • Accurate monitoring even with weak pulse signals1.
  • Interfaces with the Nellcor™ OxiNet III remote respiratory monitoring system
  • Reliable CO2 monitoring, even in high humidity environments1
  • Low sample flow rate of 50 mL/min that allows monitoring on the widest range of patients, from neonates to adults1
  • Customizable and scalable to meet specific hospital and patient needs
  • Real-­time, centralized viewing of monitored patients’ respiratory status
  • Report/communicate patient information with enhanced trend reporting tools, pinpointing significant events




Display range: 0 to 99 mm Hg (0-­13.2 kPa and 0-­13.0 vol% at sea level)
Sampling rate: 50 ± 7.5 mL/min
Warm-­up time: 30 seconds typically; reaches steady-­state accuracy 20 minutes after power up
0 to 38 mm Hg ±2 mm Hg  
39 to 99 mm Hg ±5% of reading  
Respiration Rate: 0 to 150 breaths/minute
Pulse Oximeter  
Display range: SpO2: 0% to 100%
Pulse rate: 20 to 250 beats/minute


Saturation (% SpO2 ± 1 SD)  
Adults: 70% to 100% ± 2 digits
Neonates: 70% to 100% ± 3 digits
Low perfusion: 70% to 100% ± 2 digits
Pulse rate: 20 to 250 bpm ± 3 digits
Low perfusion: 20 to 250 bpm ± 3 digits
Communication Interface
RS-­‐232 interface @ 9,600 baud; full duplex serial interface via RJ-­45 connector


Power requirements: AC input of 100 to 230 VAC @ 60/50 Hz
Type: Rechargeable NiMH  
Battery capacity: Supplies power for four to seven hours (depending on power management) Fully recharges in approximately 4.5 hours


Operating temperature
32°F to 113°F (0°C to …45°C)
Storage temperature
-­31°F to 158°F (-­35°C to 70°C)
Operating and Storage  
Pressure: 430 mm Hg to 795 mm Hg
Altitude: -­1,250 ft to 15,000 ft (-­381 m to 4,572 m)
Humidity: 10% to 95% noncondensing
Shock test: IEC 68-­2-­27
Sinusoidal vibration test : IEC 68-­2-­6
Random vibration wide band test : IEC 68-­2-­34
Drop test MIL-­STD-­810E, method 516.4-­II  
IEC 60601-­1/EN 60601-­1, EN60601-­1-­2 second edition, EN 864, EN 865, UL 2601-­1, EN 475, EN 55011-­Class, B-­Group 1, CSA C22.2 No.601.1-­M90


N-­85: 1.87 lbs (850 g) NPB-­70: 1.66 lb (750 g)
8.11 in H x 3.46 in W x 2.06 in D (206 mm x 88 mm x 53 mm)
Displayed Parameters
N-­85: CO2 and plethysmographic waveforms, etCO2, SpO2, pulse rate, respiration rate, trend data
Graphic LCD display (128 x 64 dots) with LED backlight (contrast and backlight control); two numeric fields, three digits each, using seven-­segment LED; two-color LED alarm bar
Adjustable alarm limits for all parameters; audio level as defined in ISO 9703-­2 standard
CO2 Accessories
Nonintubated applications
Smart CapnoLine® and Smart CapnoLine® O2 oral/nasal circuits
CapnoLine® H† and CapnoLine® H† O2 nasal circuits
NIV Line nasal circuit
Intubated Applications
FilterLine® Set and FilterLine® H† Set, combination
EtCO2 circuit and airway adapter

†H indicates for humidified applications; up to 72-­hour duration

Other Accessories
Carrying case
Protective boot
Polemount clamp
Digital to analog converter
Communication adapter kits
Calibration gas kit
External battery charger
Extra rechargeable battery pack
Battery pack carrying pouch
Nurse call and remote monitoring interface kits


The Nellcor™ N­‐85 capnograph/pulse oximeter with OxiMax™ technology combines two highly advanced technologies in a convenient, portable device. Microstream™ capnography helps ensure accurate end-­tidal CO2 measurements and crisp waveforms, giving the clinician a clear picture of the patient’s respiratory status.([FOOTNOTE=Maddox RR, Williams CK, Oglesby H, Butler B, Colclasure B. Clinical experience with patient-­‐controlled analgesia using continuous respiratory monitoring and a smart infusion system. Am J Health Syst Pharm. 2006;63(2):157-­164.],[ANCHOR=View Abstract],[LINK=/content/covidien/websites/medtronic/com/en/covidien/support/clinical-evidence.html?id=143954])

The extensive selection of Microstream™ breath-­sampling accessories enables clinicians to monitor intubated and nonintubated patients-including those receiving supplemental oxygen.