A Gentle Alternative for Sensitive Skin

When patients with fragile skin require pulse oximetry monitoring, choosing an appropriate sensor can be a challenge. Adhesive sensors can cause skin trauma, and reusable sensors have drawbacks for long-term monitoring.

Covidien offers a convenient solution. The NellcorTM nonadhesive sensors are made of a soft, pliable, low-profile foam material that gives it "stiction" to help keep the sensor in place without adhesives.

The sensors easily fasten with a small Velcro®* tab. Nellcor nonadhesive sensors are ideal for patients with special skin needs. When patients have compromised skin integrity, clinicians can use the sensor with the soft touch.

Features of Nellcor SpO₂ Nonadhesive Sensors

Product Animation:

Made of a soft, pliable, low-profile foam material, the sensor fastens securely to itself with Velcro®* instead of adhesive tape to help protect sensitive skin.

*Velcro is a trademark of its respective owner

  • A comfortable, secure, second-skin fit keeps the sensor in place to promote reliable readings.
  • The sensors offer a high degree of accuracy comparable to adhesive digit sensors.
  • The sensors are designed for sterile, single-patient use, offering infection-control advantages.


Adult/Neonatal SpO2 Sensor, Nonadhesive
For patients with fragile skin
Suitable for long-term monitoring
Weight ranges:  
Adult: >40 kg
Neonatal: 1.5-5 kg
Preterm infant: <1.5 kg


Reduce Adhesive-related Skin Trauma with the Alternative to Adhesive Sensors.

The concerns about using adhesives in NICU patients have been well documented in recent years. A research project conducted by the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN) and the National Association of Neonatal Nurses (NANN) found that adhesives were the primary cause of skin breakdown among NICU patients.1 Pulse oximetry sensors were cited as one of the therapeutic interventions that can potentially cause skin injury.

As a result of the research, a neonatal skin care clinical practice guideline developed by AWHONN/NANN advocates minimizing the use of adhesives as much as possible. To help with this goal, Covidien developed the NellcorTM SpO2 nonadhesive sensor for neonatal patients. The nonadhesive sensor gives clinicians a convenient alternative to adhesive sensors for patients with fragile skin.

Nonadhesive sensors are part of Covidien’s NellcorTM pulse oximetry system. These unique sensors work exclusively with Nellcor pulse oximeters and other manufacturers’ multiparameter monitoring systems equipped with Nellcor technology.

  • Designed for long-term monitoring.
  • Works with OxiMaxTM technology to ensure optimal monitoring performance, even when challenged with patient motion and weak pulses.