Stratis™ Femoral Fixation System

Long Description:

The Stratis™ femoral fixation system’s robust instruments are designed to provide a simple, consistent technique, reducing the number of procedural steps and eliminating complicated measurements during soft tissue ACL reconstruction. The Stratis implant provides circumferential tissue-to-tunnel compression and aperture fixation resulting in rigid fixation.

Key benefits of the Stratis™ system include:

  • Rigid fixation, minimizing graft creep and slippage
  • Enhanced tissue-to-bone tunnel compression for aperture fixation
  • Elimination of graft piercing preserving graft integrity

TriTis™ Tibial Fixation System

Long Description:

The TriTis™ system is the first tibial fixation product that provides graft compression, joint line fixation, and off-axis anchoring, resulting in rigid tibial fixation of soft tissue grafts in ACL reconstruction. With this outstanding fixation, sports medicine surgeons can be confident in offering their patients the option of a soft tissue graft.