AS Meniscal™ Repair System

Long Description:

The AS Meniscal™ repair device with high strength suture is a sterile, single use device for the approximation of soft tissue such as during the repair of meniscal tears.

  • Consistent and reliable deployment utilizing pre-tied knot with size 2-0 high strength suture
  • An all-suture repair that mimics the conventional all-suture, inside-out repair technique
  • Ability to insert and deploy at the desired depth, regardless of tissue thickness
  • Only suture left behind

Polysorb™ Meniscal Repair System

Long Description:

The Polysorb™ meniscal repair system is the simple choice for fast and effective meniscal repair.

  • Two point fixation simulates horizontal mattress stitch without knots
  • Dual prong implant firmly approximates tear while leaving only a soft cable on the surface of the meniscus
  • Braided backspan runs the entire length of the staple leg