ArthroSew™ Suture Passing System

Long Description:

The ArthroSew™ suture passing system is a single portal solution to arthroscopic shoulder repair.

The ArthroSew™ suturing device has two jaws. A sutured needle, loaded from a single suture unit, is held in one jaw and can be passed to the other jaw by closing the handles and flipping the toggle levers. It is designed for introduction and use through all cannulas 8.4 mm or larger.

  • Direct passing of braided suture
  • One-handed technique
  • No retrieval instruments

Herculon™ Soft Tissue Reattachment System

Long Description:

The Herculon™ system is a non-absorbable fixation system for use in all bone conditions. It is designed to deliver optimal strength with simple delivery. The system consists of a disposable bone punch and single-use driver that’s pre-loaded with a fully-threaded titanium anchor. The Herculon™ exlusive suture management system houses the sutures and needles in the driver handle.

Polysorb™ 3 mm Soft Tissue Reattachment System

Long Description:

The Polysorb™ 3 mm soft tissue reattachment system offers both strength and simplicity.

  • Dynamic anchor expands in cancellous bone for maximum pullout strength
  • Polysorb™ co-polymer provides necessary strength during healing period while fully absorbing in 12 to 15 months
  • Pre-loaded with a size 2 Ti-Cron™ suture and two needles for fast and simple open and mini-open repairs