VersaOne™ Blunt Trocar

Long Description:

Designed for surgeons who use a Hasson or open technique, the VersaOne™ blunt trocar allows for  atraumatic entry with a blunt obturator. It  also offers easy adjustment of cannula depth and stable fixation for excellent maneuverability.

Blunt Tip Trocar

Long Description:

The Blunt Tip Trocar is a port for scope maneuverability using a Hasson or open technique, with strong and durable fixation, excellent port site sealing, and an atraumatic blunt obturator.


Blunt Tip Trocars

Blunt tip trocars from Medtronic offer atraumatic blunt obturators, stable fixation and excellent port site sealing when performing the Hasson technique. They are simple to adjust and easy to use.