Clearify™ Visualization System

Long Description:

The Clearify™ visualization system is a revolutionary all-in-one solution that enables optimal visualization throughout laparoscopic and robotic procedures.

Designed with surgeons, nurses and scrub techs in mind, the palm-sized, multifunctional hub has a soft foam shell that remains cool to the touch. It’s small and light enough to be used right at the surgical site, with no risk of burns or scalds. It’s protection for your scope, your patient and yourself.

Fred™ Anti-Fog Solution

Long Description:

Fred™ anti-fog solution is a market leading product for providing a fog-free endoscope.

Endo-Lube™ Seal and Instrument Lubrication Kit

Long Description:

Endo-Lube™ solution provides a virtually frictionless coating for laparoscopic instruments. The Endo-Lube™ seal and instrument lubrication kit includes a 6 gram bottle of lubrication with a dropper bottle top. The Endo-Lube™ lubricant is intended to minimize the drag during insertion and removal of laparoscopic instrumentation through access ports.