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The VersaOne™ blunt trocar with threaded anchor is designed for surgeons that use a Hasson or open technique. This 12 mm trocar consists of a blunt-tipped obturator, clear cannula, and threaded anchoring device to secure the trocar into place. The threaded anchoring device can be adjusted on the shaft of the trocar sleeve for precise depth insertion.


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VersaOne™ Blunt Trocar Features
VersaOne™ Blunt Trocar Features

Low, Flat Hub Design

  • Low profile hub to accommodate a variety of users 
  • Ergonomic design provides control and comfort during laparoscopic procedures

Funneled Entry, Enhanced Seal

  • Compatible with industry standard surgical staplers

Threaded Anchor

  • Atraumatic threaded anchor stabilizes the trocar


  • Industry standard length
  • Compatible with industry standard 12 mm surgical staplers
  • Clear, enlarged cannula to Increase compatibility
  • Informed entry with clear cannula visualization

Blunt Tip

  • Blunt tip provides atraumatic entry

Blunt Obturator

  • Rounded distal tip for an atraumatic entry
  • Low profile hub to accommodate a variety of users

Universal Cannula

  • Clear cannula for visualization
  • Inner diameter accommodates industry standard 12 mm instruments
  • Funneled entry and flat seal centering mechanism allows for smooth instrument exchange

Threaded Anchor

  • Two suturing wings to secure suture tie down
  • Spring lever to adjust anchor to desired location on cannula


  • Clear cannula provides enhanced visibility to all tissue layers


  • Threaded anchor ensures trocar placement and can reduce loss of pneumoperitoneum


Physical Characteristics
Style Hasson, Blunt
Obturator Atraumatic, Rounded Distal Tip
Cannula Clear, Smooth
Accessory Threaded Anchor with Suture Tie Downs
Shaft 12 mm
Length Standard, 100 mm


Order Information
Order Code BPT12STS
Ordering Quantity 3 Units/Box