Flexon™ Temporary Cardiac Pacing Leads

Long Description:

Flexon™ temporary cardiac pacing leads are specifically designed to insulate the lead and be less traumatic during removal after pacing is complete. They are indicated for use in temporary atrial and ventricular pacing and sensing during and after cardiac surgery.




Long Description:

Non-latex plastic bolsters are used to hinder pressure of any temporary suture against the body during surgery.



Bone Wax

Long Description:

Bone wax is an excellent hemostat with essential hemostatic characteristics for precise applications. Used to control bleeding in bones, it is frequently used by clinicians for hemostasis in sternotomy procedures.


Cardiovascular Pledgets

Long Description:

PTFE pledgets are non-absorbable, undyed fabrics composed of poly (tetrafluoroethylene).


Polyester Retraction Tape

Long Description:

Polyester retraction tape is for general use in retraction during surgical procedures. Composed of poly (ethylene, terephthalate), the tape is non-absorbable, braided for optimal handling properties and is available undyed (white).


Suture Racks

Long Description:

Suture racks hold suture boxes in either the horizontal or vertical position. Storage space within each unit is partitioned and can be easily expanded. The interchangeable pieces allow for assembly into multiple configurations.


Umbilical Tape

Long Description:

Sterile cotton umbilical tape.



Wound Closure Surgical Accessories

Wound closure accessories from Covidien include:

  • Temporary cardiac pacing leads
  • Bolsters
  • Bone wax
  • Cardiovascular pledgets
  • Polyester retraction tape
  • Suture racks
  • Umbilical tape