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The healthcare system is experiencing monumental change. Hospitals are seeking ways to transform business models, drive sustainability and maintain high-quality, cost-effective care.


Medtronic Health Systems Advantage understands these pressures, and brings diverse experience across the provider landscape, including a team familiar with the surgical suite to develop and implement tailored programs that deliver impactful and sustained change.


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Key Medtronic Health Systems Advantage Resources

Clinical Performance Improvement

Clinical Performance Improvement solutions deliver new opportunities for hospitals in outcomes management. CPI works with hospitals to analyze their outcome data in three areas: clinical, operational and economic. These solutions help to identify measures for improvement within a surgical episode, assess the processes that drive these measures and create sustainable solutions that address improved quality, reduced episode spend and enhanced experience. Each dedicated team works toward achievement of “Triple Aim”: better health, better care and lower cost and is staffed by a dedicated team focused in data analytics, clinical operations and project management with Lean Six Sigma expertise.

Voice of the Data (Phase I)

In tandem with the hospital system, the CPI dedicated team conducts episode-based performance analytics to identify provider’s end-to-end cost of care. This analysis includes identifying other key metrics such as internal/external benchmarks, cost breakdown and opportunity prioritization and quality and utilization monitoring. Individual physician scorecards are also available and display operational, clinical and economic categories based on risk-adjusted cases.  






Voice of the Care Team (Phase II)

The root cause opportunity identification includes in-depth root analysis that identify the top areas of concern revealed from data analysis, care team interviews including onsite assessments and procedure reviews, and quality and efficiency-focused process observations and question-and-answer sessions. 








Voice of the Solution (Phase III)

Implementation support accounts for ongoing program management support and best-in-class solutions that allow for potential add-on offerings such as clinical operation optimization, new clinical pathway framework, performance initiatives design and trainings. 









Guided Training for Minimally Invasive Surgery

The Medtronic Guided Training program connects surgeons with expert faculty and training institutions, when training has been identified as a barrier to MIS adoption, to provide thorough training including mentorship, direct observation, assisting and its eventual performance. 






Medtronic Guided Training Approach and Structure

The Medtronic Health Systems Advantage guided training delivers surgeon training expertise, dedicated procedural focus, instructional design, established key opinion leader relationships and proven adoption performance.

Our Services Value
Open to MIS Education Programs Custom surgeon training to accommodate all surgical skill levels; Programs are designed for both practicing surgeons and medical staff to introduce and enhance clinical and technical training that may be required to perform advanced MIS procedures
Optimal Utilization Programs Services to enhance optimal utilization by analyzing product and procedure standardization



Reimbursement Solutions for Medtronic Group Products and Procedures

Today’s increasingly competitive and declining reimbursement environment can be challenging. The Reimbursement Solutions offering addresses these complexities and helps customers navigate this rapidly shifting environment by providing them with expertise and tools to address obstacles and leverage opportunities created by the changing health system. These services extend across the provider and payer landscape to provide reimbursement support specific to US coding, coverage and payment.




Suite of Reimbursement Solutions

Reimbursement Solutions work addresses patient, provider and payer needs by articulating the value of targeted procedures and designing tools to expand and ease patient access to these products and procedures.

Our Services Value
Coverage, coding, and payment services Designed for Medtronic products and the surgical procedures that primarily utilize them
Customizable budget impact models and reimbursement calculators Customizable models that demonstrate the provider costs and any savings associated with the use of Medtronic products, services or surgical procedures that primarily utilize them
Provider consultation for traditional, Value-Based Payment and Center of Excellence contracts Designed to ensure optimal positioning of provider or payer contract negotiations for targeted service areas
Illustration of payer’s per member, per month for coverage or expansion of particular service or procedure Per Member Per Month (PMPM) models can be leveraged by providers advocating for payer coverage of relevant select MIS and bariatric services
Patient education around minimally invasive surgical options Online Treatment Decision Support modules across nine surgical areas designed to create patient awareness in plain terms about the use and value of MIS procedures
Episode and bundled payment design modeling Collaborate with providers and payers to develop episode or bundled payment proposals that are feasible to implement and provide value for targeted service areas



Thought Leadership From Our Speakers Bureau

Our executives are established industry thought leaders. 


They have years of experience on the podium at key industry conferences as well as in video panel discussions, webinars, and podcasts. All of our executives are well versed in value-based healthcare — the shift to better reward providers and healthcare delivery systems to provide care in ways that improve clinical outcomes while lowering overall cost for the healthcare consumer.


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