Respiratory & Patient Monitoring Procedures Reimbursement

These comprehensive online reimbursement resources provide easy-to-access reimbursement information and updates relating to procedures that utilize Medtronic respiratory and patient monitoring products and were developed to help our customers sort through the complexities of reimbursement as it relates to these procedures.  

Medtronic is a worldwide leader in patient monitoring, airway management, and ventilation solutions. We are committed to working with healthcare professionals to develop innovative products. Our holistic approach to the three key areas of patient safety, medical efficacy and healthcare efficiency may help improve outcomes in respiratory care.

Please select from the categories below to view provider-specific information. Please note that not all Medtronic products are indicated for use in all the potential procedure listings. For more information, or for guidance in helping to streamline the reimbursement process for all our products, contact the Medtronic Reimbursement Hotline serviced by the Pinnacle Health Group at (877) 278-7482 or