An Expanding Life. First TAVI System CE Risk Approved for Intermediate Patients.

An Expanding Life. First TAVI System CE Approved for Intermediate Risk Patients.

Life is different for TAVI patients who benefit from a supra-annular, self-expanding valve.


The unique design of the CoreValve Evolut R TAVI system delivers procedural safety and excellent valve performance important for the treatment of intermediate risk patients.

CoreValue Evolut R Tavi System
Notion Trial

Notion Trial 2-Year Outcomes

Data from the NOTION trial demonstrated that comparable clinical outcomes to surgical AVR can be achieved by using the CoreValve Evolut R system in patients who are intermediate risk surgical candidates.


Designed for Procedural Safety and Durable Valve Performance

Built on a Proven Platform

Consistent performance in pivotal trials and real-world results.

Control During Deployment

First time positioning accuracy with the ability to recapture and reposition the valve.

Excellent Valve Performance

Supra-annular design provides excellent and stable hemodynamic performance.

Designed for Durability

Clinical data demonstrating sustained valve performance out to 5 years.1


Barbanti, et al., J Am Coll Cariol Intv 2015; 8: 1084-91.

INTERNATIONAL CAUTION: For distribution only in markets where CoreValve Evolut R intermediate risk indication has been approved. Not for distribution in the U.S. Refer to Instructions for Use for a complete list of warnings, precautions, indications and contraindications.

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