Heat Exchanger


Adult Oxygenators
  Name Quick Facts
affinityfusion_sm Affinity Fusion®

Oxygenation System

Thoughtful design from inlet to outlet
Oxygenator with integrated arterial filter
Priming volume 260 mL
Blood flow rate 1-7 L/minute

affinitynt_sm Affinity NT

Oxygenation System

Hollow fiber oxygenator with built-in heat exchanger
Priming volume 270 mL
Blood flow rate of 1-7 L/minute

Pediatric Oxygenator
APO_Product_Thumb Affinity Pixie

Oxygenation System

The Affinity Pixie® Oxygenation System delivers performance and versatility for neonates, infants and small children requiring cardiopulmonary bypass at flow rates up to 2.0 L/min

minimaxplusoxy_sm Minimax Plus

Oxygenation System

Provides the quality and performance needed to treat a wider range of patients, from neonates to children requiring flow rates up to a full 2.3 LPM

Biocompatible Surfaces

  Name Quick Facts
balance-biosurface-th Balance Biosurface


Reduced platelet activation and adhesion and preserved platelet function with a non-heparin coating.

carmedabioactivesurface_sm Carmeda BioActive Surface


Durable, non-leaching End Point Attached heparin biosurface.

trilliumbiosurface_sm Trillium Biosurface


Mimics critical characteristics of the vascular endothelium by providing a hydrophilic, negatively charged surface with heparin.


  Name Quick Facts
affinitycvr_sm Affinity CVR

Cardiotomy/Venous Reservoir

Versatile turret design for flexibility in setup
Vacuum-assisted venous drainage compatible
Maximum capacity of 4000 mL
Minimum operating level of 200 mL

minimax-res_sm Minimax

Hardshell Venous Reservoir

Open venous reservoir choice for infant and pediatric cardiopulmonary bypass procedures

venous-reservoir-bag_sm Affinity

Venous Reservoir Bag

300 cc to 1250 cc operating level
Color coded springs provide unlimited operating positions
Unique inlet maniford directs flow for excellent mixing

affinity-reservoirs-bth_sm Bladder Reservoirs


Bladder reservoirs intended for use with oxygenators that are indicated for use for extracorporeal membrane oxygenation procedures.
Two model choices for 1/4" and 3/8" circuits
35 mL priming volume
50-500 cc/min blood flow rate

intersept_reservoir-bth_sm Intersept

Cardiotomy Reservoirs

Reservoir for use in perfusion circuit
Maximum capacity of 2600 mL
Eight 1/4" ports and one 3/8" port

el_cardiotomy_res-bth_sm EL Series

Blood Collections Reservoirs

4 liter reservoirs for use during cardiopulmonary bypass or autotransfusion procedures

Mini Circuit

  Name Quick Facts
AffinityVARDth Affinity VARD

Venous Air Removal Device (VARD)

No intervention required; automated venous air removal facilitating the benefits of closed circuits

Cardioplegia Delivery System

  Name Quick Facts
myotherm_sm MYOtherm XP

Cardioplegia Delivery System

Excellent air handling
Compact low prime design
Convenient packaging for easy setup

Arterial Filters

  Name Quick Facts
Adult Arterial Filters
affinity-fusion-filter_sm Affinity® AF100

Arterial Filter

Maximum performance. Minimal prime.
100 mL prime
1-7 L/minute
30 micron screen size

arterial-filter_sm Affinity

Arterial Filter

Ease of prime from reduced horizontal surfaces and totally clear housing
Effective air handling
Large screen open area provides efficient flow and filtration
20 and 38 micron filters

Pediatric Arterial Filters
affinity_ped_art-filter_sm Affinity Pixie

Arterial Filter

A pediatric arterial filter for your most magical patients, the Affinity Pixie Arterial Filter features ease of prime and effective air handling and filtration.

Centrifugal Blood Pumps and Flow Probes

  Name Quick Facts
Adult Centrifugal Blood Pumps and Flow Probes
bio_pump_80_plus_sm BPX-80 Bio-Pump Plus

Centrifugal Blood Pump

Smooth vortex cone design for superior micro air retention

affinitycp_sm Affinity CP

Centrifugal Blood Pump

Expanding the Affinity family of products to provide you more choices in centrifugal blood pumping
Low priming volume=40mL

flow-transducer-560_sm Bio-Probe

Flow Transducer

Flow transducer to measure blood flow when connected to Bio-Console Speed Controller 
bio_console_560_sm Bio-Console 560

Speed Controller

Centrifugal blood pump system for use with Medtronic's Centrifugal Blood Pumps

pbs_system_sm PBS

Portable Bypass System

“Go anywhere” flexibility of the complete unit in the OR, ER, cathlab, or emergency transport situations

Pediatric Centrifugal Blood Pumps and Flow Probes
bio_pump_50_a BP-50 Bio-Pump

Centrifugal Blood Pump

Designed for pediatric use

Heart Lung Machine

  Name Quick Facts
centuryheartlung_sm Century


Through a partnership with Salyer BioMedical, Medtronic offers the Century Heart Lung Machine

Custom Tubing Packs

  Name Quick Facts
custompack-intro-bth_sm Custom Tubing Packs



Quality components assembled to your exact specifications and packaged to make set up efficient.

Heat Exchanger

  Name Quick Facts
ecmotherm_sm ECMOtherm II

Heat Exchanger

Used in cardiopulmonary support procedures to cool and warm the blood

biotherm_sm BIOtherm

Heat Exchanger

Stainless steel heat exchanger tubes provide reliable and consistent performance


  Name Quick Facts


Designed for use with adult and pediatic patients


  Name Quick Facts
Adult Cannulae
Extracorporeal Circuit


Cannulae used to provide the interface between the patient and the extracorporeal circuit.

Cardioplegia Circuit


Cannulae used to facilitate adequate myocardial protection to the heart during cardiopulmonary bypass.

Suction & Support Products


Suction devices used to clear the field of debris and provide adequate venting during cardiopulmonary bypass and accessory products that help to facilitate surgeries through ease of use.

Pediatric Cannulae
cannulae-ped-extracorp-th Extracorporeal Circuit


Pediatric cannulae used to provide the interface between the patient and the extracorporeal circuit.

cannulae-ped-cardioplegia-th Cardioplegia Circuit


Pediatric cannulae used to facilitate adequate myocardial protection to the heart.

cannulae-ped-suction-th Suction & Support Products


Suction devices in smaller sizes to clear the field of debris and accessory products that help to facilitate surgeries through ease of use.

Monitoring and Data Management

  Name Quick Facts
Viper Vision Viper Vision

Data Management System

The electronic charting solution to achieve real-time data management and distribution of perfusion patient case records while ensuring compliance to clinical guidelines.
biotrend_sm BioTrend

Oxygenation Saturation and Hematocrit Monitor

Provides real-time information about changes in your patient's blood values


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