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MicroFrance Kraus TM MicroCut Forceps for tympanic membrane perforations

Kraus TM MicroCut Forceps

The Kraus TM MicroCut Forceps provide an elegant solution for precision cutting and trimming in tympanic membrane perforations and other otology procedures. They offer 360° cutting with a low-profile rotation knob and multiple jaw angles.

Kraus TM MicroCut Forceps for Otology Procedures

Developed in conjunction with Eric M. Kraus, MD, MS, FACS

The MicroFrance® Kraus TM MicroCut® Forceps offer exceptional cutting precision and quality for repairing tympanic membrane perforations as well as other otology procedures. These innovative forceps are designed to cleanly and precisely remove the epithelial edge of a tympanic membrane perforation without over-enlarging the existing perforation. The forceps provide a clean, square cut of the epithelial margin that can then be covered with a tympanic membrane perforation patch such as the EpiDisc® Otologic Lamina.

To accommodate different locations and angulations of tympanic membrane perforations, the forceps are available in various jaw angles (90°, 45° forward, and 45° backward). This is useful during tympanic membrane perforation patching, myringoplasty, and tympanoplasty procedures. The forceps may also be used for controlled biopsies or any other maneuver during otology procedures that requires precision cutting or trimming.

  • Low-profile rotation knob allows for universal 360°-cutting ability and unobstructed visualization
  • Precision edge cutting helps reduce the size of the tympanic membrane perforation, ensure complete epithelial removal, and enhance perforation closure rate
  • Thumb-activated reverse-action handle allows for controlled movement and reduces distal tip motion
  • Distal tip basket captures resected tissue to help prevent tissue from entering the middle ear
  • Removable outer shaft facilitates cleaning and tissue removal

For more information or to order the MicroFrance Kraus TM MicroCut Forceps, please contact your local Medtronic ENT representative.

Premier MicroFrance ENT instruments are developed with renowned ENT surgeons to facilitate new surgical techniques, improve patient outcomes, and provide exceptional quality and precision for ENT surgery.

Note: Sets are only available in the US. If you are outside the US, items in the set may be ordered individually.

Last updated: 9 Jan 2013

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