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Related Products for Otology, Neurotology, and Lateral Skull Base Procedures

Medtronic offers a comprehensive selection of powered and manual products for otology, neurotology, and lateral skull base procedures and conditions.

Powered ENT Instruments from Medtronic for Otology, Neurotology, and Skull Base Surgery

Powered ENT Instruments for otology, neurotology, and lateral skull base surgery

Powered ENT Instruments

For otology, neurotology, and lateral skull base procedures, visualization and access can be a challenge. Our Powered ENT Instruments provide innovative tools for otology, neurotology, and lateral skull base procedures as well as other ENT surgeries. The multispecialty Integrated Power Console, Straightshot® M4 Microdebrider, Midas Rex® Legend EHS Stylus® Surgical Drill, and Visao® High-Speed Otologic Drill facilitate more precise tissue removal, visibility, and surgical access during otology, neurotology, and lateral skull base surgery. We also offer the most comprehensive selection of application-specific blades and burs.


The Fusion ENT Navigation System may be used for otology, neurotology, and lateral skull base surgery

Fusion ENT Navigation System

Our Fusion ENT Navigation System is an electromagnetic image-guided surgery system that offers reliable accuracy, ease of use, and expandability. Image-guided surgery with the Fusion System can help you navigate each patient's unique anatomy for safer, more thorough otology, neurotology, and skull base procedures when operating near structures such as the brain, orbit, or carotid artery. Our Straightshot Automated EM Tracking Blades are factory-calibrated for the Fusion System for additional convenience.


NIM 3.0 Intraoperative Nerve Monitors for identifying and confirming motor nerve function and monitoring major motor nerves during surgery

NIM Nerve Monitors

Our intraoperative NIM® Nerve Monitoring Systems enable surgeons to identify and confirm motor nerve function and monitor major motor nerves during otology, neurotology, and skull base surgeries, as well as other procedures. With the NIM-Neuro® System, surgeons can monitor up to 8 channels of nerve-muscle combinations during complex and delicate surgeries, such as glomus or acoustic tumor removals. Our Stim Bur Guard works with the NIM System and Visao Otologic Drill to provide advance warning of facial nerve proximity during otology and skull base procedures.*


Activent tympanostomy tube for otology procedures

Middle Ear Prostheses and Tympanostomy Tubes

For otologic health and hearing restoration, our middle ear prostheses are available in multiple combinations of biocompatible materials, shapes, and sizes for many different anatomies and conditions. We also offer a vast selection of tympanostomy tubes to suit a variety of otologic patients and surgeon preferences. Our innovative Activent® and Microgel tubes help inhibit bacterial growth or adherence.1-4


MeroGel Dissolvable Otologic Packing

Dissolvable Otologic Packing and Patching Products

Medtronic offers innovative otologic packing and patching devices that are dissolvable and bioresorbable, such as MeroGel®, EpiFilm®, and EpiDisc® products. These are made from esterified hyaluronic acid, or HYAFF®, which helps keep the surgical site moist and enhance wound healing.5-9


The Meniett device for Ménière’s Disease, a minimally invasive treatment for managing vertigo symptoms of Ménière’s disease

Ménière’s Disease Treatment

Our Meniett® device is a low-risk, minimally invasive treatment that can help manage the often debilitating vertigo symptoms associated with Ménière’s disease. The American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery (AAO-HNS) Policy Statement supports the use of micropressure therapy, such as the Meniett device, as a second-level therapy before attempting surgical treatment, especially after medical therapy fails.10


Additional Products

For our complete line of products for otology, neurotology, and skull base procedures, see our online ENT Product Catalog.

* Nerve monitoring capability provided by NIM-Response® or NIM-Neuro® Nerve Monitoring Systems, models 2.0 and later. Must be used with Visao® High-Speed Otologic Drill and Integrated Power Console (IPC® System).


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Last updated: 9 Jan 2013

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