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Commonly Billed Codes

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Medtronic provides general reimbursement information provided to assist in obtaining coverage and reimbursement for spinal navigation and intra-operative imaging. These coding suggestions do not replace seeking coding advice from the payer and/or your own coding staff. The ultimate responsibility for correct coding lies with the provider of services. Please contact your local payer for interpretation of the appropriate codes to use for specific procedures.

Medtronic makes no guarantee that the use of this information will prevent differences of opinion or disputes with Medicare or other third party payers as to the correct form of billing or the amount that will be paid to providers of service. All products should be used according to their labeling. HCPCS Level II codes are developed and maintained by CMS.

Last updated: 10 Jan 2013

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See how the O-arm® 2D/3D intraoperative imaging and StealthStation® navigation are improving spine surgical outcomes.


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