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February 2013

Medtronic Employee Skilled Service Pilot Addresses Diabetes in India

Medtronic is helping strengthen diabetes care in India through a successful pilot of its new international employee skilled service program: Skills for Change. The program allows employees to address complex issues related to NCD care for the underserved worldwide.

Last fall, five Medtronic employees from three countries worked with local nonprofit partners on two diabetes research projects in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Following preparatory work and communications via email and conference call, the participants spent three weeks in India working with Dr. Mohan Diabetes Specialties Centre and Saveetha University Hospital to conduct research on gestational diabetes indicators and diabetic caregiver awareness, respectively.

In-depth data mining and analysis on gestational diabetes patient profiles at Dr. Mohan's Diabetes Specialties Centre is helping advance a gestational diabetes prediction tool and tools that promote patient follow-up care.

The diabetes caregiver survey, conducted in partnership with Saveetha University, is the first known study of its kind globally for diabetes and the first caregiver study for India. The study, which is scalable to other regions and disease states, advances understanding of how a caregiver's knowledge impacts diabetes management.

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