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Meniere's treatment options vary from low maintenance to very aggressive.
 Ménière's Disease
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Treatment Options Meniere's treatment options vary from low maintenance to very aggressive.

The natural progression of Ménière’s Disease varies from person to person. About 70% of patients gradually improve and their vertigo spells decrease over time, with or without medical intervention. Some hearing loss may remain, but the degree of loss ranges from mild to moderate. The other 30% of patients experience increasingly severe episodes of vertigo and their hearing progressively worsens. 

treatment option chartBecause the origin of Ménière’s Disease is unknown, many treatment practices are employed, including dietary, medical, local over-pressure, and surgical methods. Essentially, the goal is to control or manage the symptoms to an acceptable level and hope for an early remission of the disease, without resorting to more aggressive treatments. This conservative approach seems wise, given the potentially negative effects of current surgical treatments for the disease. The chart at the right illustrates the range of treatment options for Ménière’s Disease, from the most conservative to the most destructive methods.

For those patients whose symptoms continue to progress, unfortunately, none of the current medical or surgical treatments improves hearing or alters the natural degenerative course of the disease. While many patients may experience remarkable improvements in their condition, Ménière’s Disease remains in the body for life. Relapses and future hearing loss may occur weeks, months, or years later.

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